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Testing your water

Test your tap or bottled water with Tap Score to understand the quality of your water.

Oasis water testing

About our partnership

Oasis outsources some of our water testing to Tap Score, a company that specializes in water testing. Tap Score provides a comprehensive analysis of your water and to help you understand the quality of your tap or bottled water.

Why we use Tap Score

Our mission is to have the most comprehensive in-house lab one day to constantly test all the water (and future items), but until then, we use Tap Score to supplement our testing capabilities.

Tap Score

Tap Score uses over 200 certified testing facilities accredited in all 50 US states to provide the most accurate and reliable results.

Tap Score

You usually receive your results within a week and they provide a super intuitive dashboard to view the results and track multiple tests.

What tests you should use

To get the most comprehensive analysis of your water, we recommend using the following tests: